Workforce Readiness

SHRM believes that government and employers play a role in providing worker training and development opportunities to maintain a skilled labor force. SHRM is also committed to helping HR professionals remove the barriers that may prevent qualified workers from being fully considered for jobs—particularly because of their long-term unemployment status. As a local chapter NASHRM strives to provide opportunities and initiatives for our members to get involved in the local area to further support these initiatives.

Workforce Readiness Committees

Currently seeking a volunteer to assist the Workforce Readiness Director.

Workforce Readiness Resources

SHRM Workforce Readiness

US Chamber of Commerce

National Career Development Association

American Society for Training and Development Career Development Blog

Want to get involved with workforce readiness initiatives?

We would love to have you! If interested, please email, the Director of Workforce Readiness to get started. We are always looking for local ways to get our members involved in the local community and will be announcing various NASHRM led initiatives throughout the year. No amount of volunteer time is ever to small!

If you have suggestions for other Workforce Readiness Tools and Resources, please contact the Director of Workforce Readiness.