Mentor University

NASHRM'S Best Kept Secret - Mentor University

NASHRM Mentor University (NMU) is a great program and one of the best kept secrets of our chapter.  NMU is a structured setting where one can develop beneficial one-on-one relationships between  mentors, HR professionals with fifteen (15) years or more of HR experience, that are paired with mentees.   We work on developing presentation skills, provide insight into standards of HR knowledge, and develop strong networking skills within the group to transfer to the workforce.  The program establishes the foundation for the framework of how issues in the political, social, and economic environments are applied within the workforce.

Mentor University was developed in 2010 to foster the professional development of rising, junior level HR professionals, and provide networking opportunities for senior-level HR professionals.  We are providing a way for HR professionals to begin their junior careers.  NMU is recognized as an invaluable tool to utilize in getting connected with our people, government, business community, and most importantly our contribution to the many people that we serve in this community and abroad.

Consider nominating a co-worker or subordinate to participate.  This is an excellent way to recognize someone as having high potential to advance in your organization as a leader.  See the below 2021 NMU Fact Sheet and application for criteria and schedule.

The 2021 program will meet monthly at the time and place stated in the Fact Sheet.

Participant Testimonials

Consider this feedback from a few NMU participants:

“NASHRM Mentor University played a big role in furthering my knowledge and overall understanding of my role in human resources. During the classes we not only addressed specific HR concerns and challenges, but more importantly we gained an HR support group. In a field of ever changing laws and regs, it is fabulous to have a group of professionals that one can call upon for advice.” Michelle Millirons, Huntsville Hospital Health Systems

“As an advancing HR professional, becoming a Mentee of NMU in 2013 was a good decision. I wanted to learn as much as possible about the HR profession beyond the academic learning. For such a small investment (time and monetary) I gained so much more. The laid-back atmosphere was very appealing to me. We had guest speakers, informal table discussions, minimal homework assignment, and real-world training. Through NMU I made connections, built relationships with my colleagues in the industry and got educated all at the same time! I would highly recommend NMU to anyone who is looking for a fun, relaxed atmosphere to obtain professional growth, opportunities for connections and HR mentoring!” Donna Quinney, PHR, SHRM-CP, Ignite Now, Inc.

“My time with NMU was very enlightening. It gave me more connections to people that I probably would not have had the opportunity to talk to in as much detail on my own. The mentors were willing to give their opinion on multiple situations and they appeared to be interested in helping us. I also liked being able to talk to a wide array of people in such broad career fields and levels in HR, it helped get multiple opinions from multiple different views. I also liked that we talked through different scenarios and how they could be handled. I think the mentees definitely learned from the meetings and made some strong career connections with mentors and other mentees. I also believe that the mentors learned from the interactions. Things that I learned during NMU have already helped me in my career showing me ways to improve what I was doing and showing me things I should have been doing that I was unaware of.” Johnny Henderson, Thompson Gray, Inc.

How do you apply for NMU?

Interested? We are now taking applications, due November 18, 2020, for both Mentees and Mentors.  Below are the links to the 2021 NMU Fact Sheet and Mentee Application.  As explained in the Fact Sheet, members with 15 years' experience may submit their resumes to the NMU Director Cindy Doty directly to request a Mentor application.  Contact Cindy at [email protected] for more information about the program.

2021 NMU Fact Sheet

2021 Mentee Application