Legislative Affairs

Legislative affairs are considered a core leadership area for SHRM affiliates such as NASHRM. Our chapter has an appointed/elected member to monitor and evaluate pending legislative, regulatory and legal action at the federal, state and local level that may have an impact on the management of human resources. It is the responsibility of the NASHRM Director of Legislative Affairs to keep our chapter informed on such issues and to work closely with State Public Affairs Director(s) and the SHRM headquarters staff.

Twice a year the legislative director will attend a Hill Visit with legislative directors from other SHRM affiliate chapters across the state of Alabama to meet with our congressmen/women and senators to discuss legal issues relevant to the management of human resources. See statements below from some of the NASHRM chapter members that have made this trip in the past. It truly is an amazing trip to be a part of.

"The DC Hill Visit is a very rewarding and gratifying experience.  What better way to advocate for employers and employees than to have the ear of our congressmen and women?  I am grateful for the opportunity to represent SHRM on The Hill!"  -Sonya Tolliver

"The Hill Visits are such an amazing opportunity! The decisions that are made by our Legislators directly affect the way that we conduct our business. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that we are getting a chance to truly make a difference in those issues and have our voice heard. I would encourage everyone to become a member of the SHRM A Team!" - Jennifer Veal

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