Sponsored Email Request Form

Please follow the below process in order to request a sponsored email be sent on your behalf to the NASHRM membership for an HR event or topic.

Prior to accessing the request form, please read the following important information and click on the “I Accept” response if you agree.

CAN-SPAM Act Compliance:
In order to be compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, NASHRM must adhere to the following policy regarding your request for a sponsored email to be sent by NASHRM.

  • NASHRM will be responsible for handling all opt-out notifications delivered through its subscription management process.

  • The sender of the sponsored email must be NASHRM.  The subject line may reference the purpose of the sponsored email.

  • NASHRM will add a NASHRM promotion (e.g. Chapter Workshop, Meeting, etc.) at the bottom of your sponsored email.  This advertisement will only be 1 – 3 sentences with the NASHRM website address listed.  This makes the sponsored email a dual promotion which allows NASHRM to be the only “sender” with the CAN-SPAM Act sender obligations.

  • You agree that this sponsored email is a dual promotion with NASHRM as the “sender”.

General Guidelines:

  • A minimum of ten (10) business-day lead time is required for all sponsored email requests.  Due to scheduling constraints, your email will be sent as closely to the requested date as possible.

  • The submitter of the request will be included in the mailing list for the sponsored email and should receive a copy when the sponsored email is sent.

  • NASHRM retains the right to refuse any email sponsorship, for any reason.

  • There is a three (3) email limit on the number of times that we will send the same email content advertising the same event.

Content Guidelines:

  • The Sponsor is responsible for developing the content of the sponsored email, which must be approved by the AVP of Programs.  If there are questions about the appropriateness of the content, the AVP of Programs will contact the Sponsor for discussion.  All content must be submitted for approval on the appropriate electronic request form.

    1. Content/purpose is limited to HR related events and functions.

    2. Email text is limited to 2000 characters.

    3. The sponsored email should be text only and may not include any type of attachments or images/graphics.  Hyperlinks within the text are allowed.  Tables and forms should be avoided as their outcome on the viewer’s end cannot be ensured.

    4. The sponsored email must close with a point of contact, email address and/or a telephone number within the Sponsor’s company for questions or further information.  If no contact is included, the submitter’s name and contact information will be used.

    5. If you plan to promote one event multiple times, it is suggested that you request the emails be sent at least 2 - 3 weeks apart.

    6. Promotion of events that divert membership from NASHRM events will not be sent out and the Sponsor will be notified.

  • By requesting NASHRM to send a sponsored email on its behalf, Sponsor agrees to indemnify NASHRM against any and all liability and expenses which NASHRM may incur as a result of claims made against NASHRM based upon the fact that such sponsored email violates the intellectual property rights or any other rights of any third parties.

  • It must be clear that the sponsored email is being sent by NASHRM on behalf of a Sponsor.  The language contained in the sponsored email must be clearly stated and must NOT create confusion on behalf of the recipient as to who is authoring the sponsored emails.

By clicking yes below, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to the policy and guidelines.

(If you do not agree with these guidelines, please exit out of the webpage without continuing).


Complete this form to request a sponsored email.  Once your email request is received, someone will contact you to confirm your request and coordinate payment.

  Full email list of 1300+ individuals - $250.00
  Members only email list of 350+ individuals - $150.00
  Blog post - $175.00

A 10 Business Day lead time is required for all e-blast requests. Date requested may fluctuate due to overall e-mail traffic.